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AUT is a host site for the Eastern Division. The 2018 contest was held on Saturday October 20th. Local Results Divisional Results

Messy University from University of Auckland are the site champions.



The 2018 Regional Contest was held in Sydney from November 23rd to 25th.

The Auckland Site Champions, Messy University from University of Auckland, placed 2nd and will represent the region in the World Finals next year in Portugal.


Auckland has been a site for the ACM South Pacific Regional Contest ever since the region was founded. It used to be the only site in the North Island of New Zealand, and teams have come from Wellington and Palmerston North to compete. More recently, Wellington or Palmerston North have also run a site thus reducing the travelling needed for teams at the southern end of the island.


Teams from University of Auckland have been most successful at our site, with the performance of CIA in 2007 being the best in recent years.

Teams from University of Waikato have also represented New Zealand in the World Finals, the most recent being Trigraph in 2014.