Auckland Site Results 2014

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Auckland Site and Eastern Division Champions


from University of Waikato.

Coach Bill Rogers


Matthew Law

Tom Levy

Ryan Smith

IBM representative Mike Andrew


Auckland Scoreboard

Rank Team From Score Time
1 Trigraph University of Waikato 7 1238
2 ACfaster University of Auckland 4 512
3 White Guys Cant JMP University of Auckland 4 532
4 Triple A University of Auckland 4 580

Honourable Mention:

SHE, University of Auckland

NAD, University of Auckland

Awesome People, AUT University

AUT-KV3, AUT University

Unofficial Teams:

Team Robin, University of Waikato

School Teams: School scoreboard

snATTaMb, Hillcrest High School

Code 2g, Hillcrest High School

 Site Champions